All Zombies Must Die! Headed to PSN Dec. 27th

Over the last few years zombies have become their own subculture, with numerous movies, TV shows, comics, and video games happy to mine that corpse clogged well for ideas. Lucky for us most of the undead’s forays into games have been successful. The latest in this proud tradition is All Zombies Must Die!, developed by Doublesix, which is scheduled to be released next week on Tuesday December 27th. In All Zombies Must Die! players will assume one of four roles, either the Gamer, the Girl, the Mad Scientist, or the Alien as you and up to three friends try to complete quests and thin the zombie herd. As you work your way through the town of Deadhill you will level your character, craft weapon upgrades, and work to unlock better weaponry, new characters, and fresh arenas. Some of the handcrafted weapons you can employ include the Magma Storm Assault Rifle, Odin’s Toothpick Katana, and Dragon’s Breath Shotgun. The screenshots give an impression of the comic inspired, almost cartoon-like, visual style coupled with the overhead camera. This combination reminds me quite a bit of the aesthetics of Calling All Cars!

So ultimately it comes down to a series of questions: Do you like/hate zombies? Do you have three friends? Are you in favor of ridiculous weaponry? Does the combination of zombies, friends, and ridiculous weaponry sound like a good way to ring in the New Year? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions then check out All Zombies Must Die! when it hits the PSN on Tuesday for $9.99.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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