Stick Man Rescue Coming to PS Minis In The New Year

Judging from every high school notebook I’ve ever seen we all are sadistic amateur cartoonists, endlessly creating adorable doodles, only to subject them to violent ends. Developer and publisher TikGames are looking to tap into this shared experience in Stick Man Rescue, their upcoming PS Mini title. In Stick Man Rescue you pilot a troop transport copter through thirty levels looking to save your black stick men from the Evil Blue Stick Minions. These minions will set your stick men on fire, smash and decapitate them, or even dissolve them in acid. Both sides wield impressive vehicles with the Blue Stick Minions piloting zeppelins and steams rollers, while you can upgrade your copter with bombs, missiles, and flame throwers. Look for Stick Man Rescue in North America on January 10 for PS Plus subscribers and January 24 for the general public with an ESRB T rating, while European fans will get it a bit earlier on January 4 for PS Plus members and January 18 for everyone else with a 12+ PEGI rating. Save the shared heritage of every bored high school student by checking out Stick Man Rescue.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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