David Jaffe, Co-Director of the new Twisted Metal and co-founder of Eat Sleep Play, announced via a video posted on the PlayStation blog that Sony will be including a special voucher with the first run copies of the upcoming Twisted Metal title (due out on the PS3 Valentine’s Day 2012). The voucher will include a full copy of Twisted Metal Black which was originally released on the PS2.

Mr. Jaffe indicated in his video that he wanted new fans of the series to be able to see where the game’s characters came from and to fill in some of those back stories. Those of you who may have missed Twisted Metal Black are in for a pleasant surprise because the game is fantastic. I still spin my copy every couple months and it has held up well all these years.

So the big question that I see drawing near is how we’re going to be able to spend time with our valentines while also managing a few hours with the new Twisted Metal when it releases on Valentine’s Day. I’m already devising a plan. Any suggestions?

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  • I loved Twisted Metal Black.

  • Anonymous

    Ha Ha, I still laugh when I hear about TM Black.  The Australian version of this game had ALL of the FMV scenes REMOVED completely.  So I finished the game and was like ‘well that fucking sucked’.  Then all these cool cutscenes were playing in the background of the credits and I was like ‘ where were they?’.  I did a bit of digging and imported the US version. The US version is about twice as long due to all the missing content.

    I can totally feel Jaffe’s pain with our fucked up classification board, I am now twice as old as the highest video game rating allowed!

    It all should hopefully be sorted out by next year, the classification board has decided to amend the laws, it will just take time (our government is too busy trying to filter the internet at the moment, kind of like yours 🙂