Kingdoms of Amalur And Mass Effect 3 Have A Present For You

I wanted to tell you guys about this when it was announced, but now we have a wonderful little video to show you how Kingdoms of Amalur and Mass Effect 3 will be sharing universes in an awesome promotional move that will grant you in-game goodies for both titles.  And all you have to do is play the demo to both games.  Tragic, right?  You’re probably thinking, “Gosh, why don’t they just pull my arm into playing the demos to two of the most-anticipated titles this year?”

So, you play the demo to Kingdoms of Amalur and you get goodies for Mass Effect 3 (when the game is released in March).  And then you play the demo to Mass Effect 3, and you get goodies for Kingdoms (when it’s released next month).  In an age when we are charged for every piece of DLC or have to preorder games in order to take advance of similar content, it’s nice to see a perk that involves doing something that we’d probably do anyway (download and play a demo).  Hopefully this is a trend we see more of in the future.

Check out the video below.

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