Konami Plans To Strand Fans In Silent Hill For The Entire Month Of March

Apparently the tourism board of Silent Hill has really strong-armed Konami because over the course of four weeks in March three games set in everyone’s favorite creepy and cursed town are releasing across various Sony platforms.

First up on March 6th fans get a blast from the past as Silent Hill HD Collection, for the PS3, lovingly re-masters the PS2 classics Silent Hill 2 and 3 with high-def graphics and additional new voiceovers. Woohoo! Pyramid Head in HD!

Silent Hill Downpour follows a week later on March 13th and it is a brand new adventure for the PS3. In Downpour you step into the shoes of Murphy Pendleton, a convicted felon, who becomes trapped in Silent Hill after his prison bus crashes. Some guys are just unlucky. Downpour is being billed as the most expansive Silent Hill game with side missions and more exploration options for those fans that want to dig into the history of the town of Silent Hill.

Silent Hill Book of Memories releases two weeks later, on the 27th, and closes out March with a bang. Book of Memories is a PS Vita exclusive and focuses on a strange book the player receives that has their entire life story written in its pages. Alter the memories laid out in the book and you can actually change the past. Write your own ideal history and see what happens. For the first time in a Silent Hill title Book of Memories will support multiplayer and allow friends to utilize a co-op mode.

If you appreciate the classic Silent Hills of the PS2 era, are looking for the next chapter on console, or want to experience some multiplayer terror on a handheld it looks as though Konami has booked you a ticket on the next bus to Silent Hill. Here’s hoping you survive, I hear March can be brutal there.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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