Starhawk public beta details announced

Sony and LightBox Interactive have confirmed the key dates for the public beta of upcoming shooter Starhawk.

The private beta has been active for some time now, and so far has gained rave reviews – not least of which from the podcast crew (just like it’s predecessor, Warhawk).

Harvard Bonin of SCEA took to the PlayStation Blog to write this:

We’re now happy to announce that the Starhawk Public Beta begins this Tuesday, January 17th. This is a crucial step for us as we’ll be testing all sorts of things, including game balance, server traffic, and general bugs. This is also a chance for more players to finally see what we’ve been working so hard on. As we’ve been getting so much support and encouragement from fans and press alike, we’re excited to spread the love and get more input to make the best game possible.”

They also detailed the schedule for when the beta is available to a variety of membership levels and code holders:

  • 17th January – PS+ subscribers
  • 31st January – Uncharted 3 owners (beta key was included in new copies)
  • 7th February – GameStop and Facebook codes
  • 14th February – IGN codes
  • 21st February – Everyone

So, exiting times for the multiplayer behemoth, which is set to launch sometime this year. Let us know below whether you’ll be picking it up and if you’re looking forward to trying out the public beta (or, if you were fortunate enough to be involved, how you found the private beta).

Written by Raj Mahil

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