Resi 6 on the way?

A new Resident Evil title could be revealed tomorrow, if a recent advertising campaign is indeed related to the series. is a viral website that features various images and videos counting down to January 19th. Graffiti with biohazard signs are prominent – which could be a telling characteristic as biohazard is part of the Japanese name for the Resi series.

Some super sleuthing from has given even more credence to the rumours. A few billboards had started appearing in several locations worldwide; including London. The site then contacted the agency which leased out that particular billboard and found that Capcom is actually the company behind the ad.

Finally, the site is registered to ‘WebFusion’ – the same people who dealt with the Operation Racoon City viral site.

All in all, it’s some pretty compelling evidence and I’m sure it’ll be proven correct tomorrow. If it is Resident Evil 6, it could be hugely interesting; China, Brazil, England, USA, Germany and more – the locations certainly have a lot of potential.

– Image via
– Kudos again to for tracking down the billboard information

Written by Raj Mahil

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