MLB 12 The Show Hands On – Day 3 – PS Move and PSVita

MLB 12 The Show: Day 3 – PlayStation Move Controls and PlayStation Vita

This year the team has decided to make The Show completely playable by using only the Move controllers, and what they have come up with is surprisingly well done. Check out this video of Lead Designer Eddy Cramm explaining how these controls work.

Honestly, the controls work very well, and the fact that this series has always been about “choice” this is a perfect opportunity to play The Show with your kids. While you may have your controls set to Pulse Pitching, Analog Zone Hitting, and Classic Fielding, the simplified Move controls can be set for the other player. The Move controls are quite intuitive and are very easy to pick-up and play with. There’s a bit of a hesitation in the hitting at first, but once you get used to the timing, it works very well.

PlayStation Vita:
When they say the the Vita version is feature-identical to the PS3 version, they’re not kidding. The only exclusions from the PlayStation Vita version of MLB 12 The Show are Diamond Dynasty (full details coming in February) and that some of the Presentation elements like the lengthier cutscenes etc have been removed or cut-down. The removal of these Presentation elements was a decision they made in the interest of timeliness on a handheld. They believe that on a portable system, the player isn’t interested in playing a full game that lasts 3 hours because every player movement, hold-up at the plate, and pitcher scratching himself, and to me, that decision makes total sense.

The game itself looks virtually identical to the PS3 version, but “only” at 30FPS instead of 60. During development, any change to the PS3 version was automatically included in the Vita build. So when we saw that the strikeout K’s in Miller Park weren’t correct, the changes to correct them were in both versions the next day, which was pretty sweet to see. All of the control options from the PS3 version (barring the Move controls of course) are present in the Vita game, and even with the smaller buttons and sticks, all work very well on the handheld. Honestly, I’m surprised at how well the game plays, and I was quickly hooked.

The touchscreen is used in interesting ways if you so choose. The back touchpad can be used for picking runners off as the pitcher, and can be used for throwing the ball as a fielder. The front touchscreen can also be used in ways such as choosing which pitch to use and to aim where you’d like that pitch to go. Again, you can play the game exactly s you would on the PS3 if you choose to do so.

In terms of transferring your Franchise or Road to the Show between the Vita and PS3, the process is incredibly simple, and as we’ve said before, this “cloud save” does NOT require PlayStation Plus and is available to anyone that owns the game. The “cloud” in this case is on the MLB 12 The Show servers, and not on the main PSN environment. We couldn’t verify if you can transfer any save files via the PSN PS+ cloud, but I will try to find out as soon as they activate Vita PSN services here in the US. Multiplayer is available both online and in Ad-Hoc mode. We didn’t get to try any multiplayer though, so I can’t really speak to it.

I’m definitely getting both versions this year, as the opportunity to take my Road to the Show actualy ON the road is too good to pass-up. The Vita version is quite impressive, especially how close it s to the PS3 game. This will make trips out f town a lot easier from now on.

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