MLB 12 The Show First Look Trailer

It takes a quite a bit for a sports game trailer to get me excited, partially because of my interest in the fairer gaming genre, but also because of how little I know about certain sports (minus soccer).  But writing for a gaming site means opening up to other folk’s interest in order to report fairly and make honest observations.  I can’t tell you who anyone in the following trailer is, or what team they play for.  What I can tell you is that if I was a baseball fan, the following video would have blown a gasket in my equilibrium.

What you have here is a developer who loves what they do, and it shows in every meticulously-modeled detail.  The other potentially-awesome feature in MLB 12 The Show is the use of the Move controller for every element of the game.  From the obvious swinging, to driving that curve ball over the plate.

There are guys on the site that will elaborate more on what we’re seeing here, but for an RPG fan to gawk at the beauty of this upcoming baseball game, there must be something special going on here.

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