Dragon’s Dogma Release Date Comfirmed

Dragon slayers prepare for May 22nd.  This is the day that Capcom has revealed that Dragon’s Dogma will grace us with its presence.  The open-world action game pits players against mythical dragons, griffins and other giant beasts.  But you won’t face these creatures alone.   Spread around the world are Pawns (or NPCs) that will join you on your action-packed journey.  And while Dragon’s Dogma does not employ a multiplayer mode (despite begging for that feature) it does allow you to share pawns with your friends online, and through those actions, NPCs will acquire new skills, knowledge of the world, and even treasures that they will bring with them.

Footage from Dragon’s Dogma promise an action packed game, reminiscent of games like Shadow of Colossus mixed with Monster Hunter.  While there is a sorely-missing multiplayer mode, the game looks to make up for it with a strong narrative and a cool online trading system.

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