Pinball And RPGs Collide In Epic Quest

I blame the PSNation podcast for my new addiction.  I was an innocent RPG fan.  I occasionally visited the FPS realm with games like Killzone and Resistance.  And when Torgo and Co. would talk about Zen Pinball I’d recall me old opinion of pinball games.  “How can you enjoy a game where you look at the same environment all the time?”

Then Zen Studios released Zen Pinball free for Plus members, so I shrugged and gave it a shot. Yeah, I am now an official pinball convert.  I purchased some of the Marvel tables (because I am a huge Moon Knight fan and I had to try his table).

But word had it that Zen Studios was releasing a new table that would be right up my alley.  Torgo mentioned it a few shows ago, and I went frantically-looking for it, but it was nowhere to be found.  Finally, the official announcement came today.  A Role-Playing Pinball table.  It lampoons my favorite genre in a goofy and clever way (reminiscent of Monty Python).

But poking fun at the genre isn’t the only thing that makes Epic Quest an RPG/Table.  The main character Max is looking to defend the realm from injustice, rescue wealthy maidens, and earn as much loot as possible in order to build up his arsenal of weapons and armor.

But get this…Max levels up.  Even if your game is over and you lose all of your balls (TWSS) Max will continue with all his possessions and levels into the next game, so you will be rewarded for continuous sessions.  Max’s armor will also visually change as you acquire new pieces.

Zen Studios continues to impress with their new tables, and this is no exception.  They have added a level of depth and humor into the pinball genre, and I’m excited to give this a shot when it’s released to the PlayStation Store this month.  Check out the trailer below.

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