No UMD Passport in North America

The UMD Passport program, which Japanese gamers have access to, will not be making its way to the US or Canada.

According to Kotaku, Sony have confirmed to them that the novel new idea won’t be available in the region.

The program would have allowed certain UMDs to be registered on a PSP (via the PSN) and then be downloaded on the Vita for a reduced price. Any PSP titles that were downloaded originally will of course still be accessible on the Vita.

Although nothing has been mentioned in regards to Europe and Australia just yet, I think we can safely assume this will be a Japan-exclusive feature.

Written by Raj Mahil

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  • this isn’t really that big of a deal who is buying a vita to play psp games I’m not bc to me has always been just a bonus if you want to still play your psp games just keep your psp

    and it doesn’t even affect me anyways since all my psp games are digital but when I get a vita I will be to busy playing vita games to worry about playing psp games on the vita

  • Well that kind of sucks. Wonder if it will cost them any sales? Probably not.

  • Derek / Beaver6622

    Like having the PS2 memory card adapter for the PS3, it was nice but really necessary.  Plus if I wanted to play PSP games I would have already played them on my PSP.  Time for new Hardware.

  • Anonymous

    Well…I guess I’ll have the PSP to play PSP games, right?

  • That’s a shame but I figured as much.