Episode 254 – Mini Drake

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– LBP Cart Racer rumored with Move Controls – http://aol.it/A868ua
– Vita “UMD Passport” won’t be offered in the US – http://aol.it/x1VNI1
– David Jaffe leaves Eat Sleep Play (after Twisted Metal balancing etc), will form a new studio – http://aol.it/xbJixj

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Written by Glenn Percival

Glenn Percival

Just a guy that loves games, movies, Golf, Football, and Baseball.

Podcast Co-Host, Editor-in-Chief, Video Producer, and whipping-boy

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  • Nice episode, I’m getting excited for the Vita but I have a question,
    I know the GPS just comes with the 3G model but I was wondering do I need to use AT&T’s 3G if I want to use the GPS?
    Also when Sony said that the UMD Passport Program wasn’t coming to the USA also said:
    “PSP games played on PS Vita will offer upscaled video quality that’s ideal for the system’s 5-inch OLED screen, along with controls that are optimized for its features such as the dual analog sticks.”
    wait, wait, wait… are we talking about PSOne games or PSP games? because using both analog stick will be great!

    • The GPS only affixes your position, but that still needs to be translated to a location on a map. Depending on how much map data is stored locally on the Vita, most likely you’ll need the 3G connectivity to grab that map data, kind-of like on a smartphone.

      It uses Google Maps, and they recently added a function for the device to be able to store the map data for a route locally, in case you lose connectivity, but until someone gets a 3G model to test, no one knows.

      I used to work with a GPS company, so in my experience, I’d say that you’re probably going to need connectivity for the GPS to be effective, but again, I have no idea what they’re doing with the software on the Vita.

        Thanks for the info!! I’m getting so excited for the Vita! I just wish I knew the title of the “free” game that comes with the 3G/GPS model. My guess is Stardust…
        Also, random comment, I was studying history and mythology the other day I never realized your last name, you last name is Percival?
        As Percival the legendary Knight of the Round Table involve with the quest for the grail? That some serious awesome last name! Mine is as original as John Smith.

        Thanks for the info!! I’m getting so excited for the Vita! I just wish I knew the title of the “free” game that comes with the 3G/GPS model. My guess is Stardust…
        Also, random comment, I was studying history and mythology the other day I never realized your last name, you last name is Percival?
        As Percival the legendary Knight of the Round Table involve with the quest for the grail? That some serious awesome last name! Mine is as original as John Smith.

  • Anonymous

    Lumines: Electronic Symphony – Q ENTERTAINMENT not Q-GAMES

  • Anonymous

    question on Vita (on preorder!)  Shared games?  So some? games can be played both on the vita and the ps3?  At the same time with the same PSN id?

  • Anonymous

    Jaffe starting own studio in San Diego.  Same time tweet from @Obtenebration (travis williams) feb 7 “Ugh this week is stressful… decisions decisions” – I wonder.

  • Anonymous

    Glen plays cribbage!  Wow that game brings back memories of me playing it with my brothers and father for hours an hours on vacation in Hampton Beach, NH.  I haven’t played that in at least 20 years.

  • Anonymous

    Josh:  re your problem with out of space with plus auto saves.  You can view the files that have been saved to the cloud in the xmb.  So you can then find the file that is largest that is causing the problem.  I had the same problem and tracked it down to my 15yr old saving a wwe wrestler profile.  hope this helps. PSN – THitter (T HIT er not thith er)

    •  Where do I see that?  If I go to the saved game files on the XMB, there’s no indication of this.  The only way I saw to do it it to go to each and every game, hit Triangle and look at the Saved Data Atuo-Upload, no small task with 167 games.

      I went through all the most recent games I had played back to when I restored everything a few weeks ago and none of them showed as Auto-Upload.  That leaves the disc based games and the only way to check them is to actually put the disc in and hit Triangle on that.  I did that with the most recent games I’ve played (based on file saves on the PS3) and still nothing so I’m really out of ideas.

      I’ve pretty much never used auto upload at all.  I just hit yes by accident at some point since the restore and have no idea what it was on.  Not really a big deal, just annoying.

      • I had similar problem running out space constantly but I delete several saved games from Skyrim and no more problems.

      • I had similar problem running out space constantly but I delete several saved games from Skyrim and no more problems.

      • Anonymous

        xmb menu- game menu – saved data utilty menu – find online storage folder which provides some info on number of files and space. then you will have to triangle each file and click information to look at the file size.  It is a shame there’s no sort by size.  Hope this helps

        •  That’s still not gonna help.  I have 1400Kb free online but the PS3 keeps trying to upload -something- overnight and it can’t because whatever it is, it’s too big.  I can’t figure out what it’s trying to upload, I have too many files.

          What they should really do is tell you what it couldn’t upload.

          • Anonymous

            Just wanted to make sure but if I understand you correctly then what you did was figure out roughly when you started to get this error, then just go to your saved Data Utility and start browsing the save files that are larger than 1400kb and making note of those games?  If so then I’m not really sure there’s much else you can do to fix it, though it’s suprising that they didn’t think to list the game at all.

            I find most are generally 150-300kb with music and sports games being much larger in size (anywhere from 1000-6000kb).  Certain games like Mafia 2 are ridiculous in size as well (mine’s running 41MB!).  Hopefully this may help a bit.

  • think you forgot to put who the comedian was

  • Hey guys. I’ll just say that there are a lot of games on my phone worth playing. Carcassone, Worms, Plants vs Zombies, Cut the rope, Angry Birds, Ghost Trick and monkey island 2 to name a few… All under 5 bucks(I think). The thing about a vita is it’s simply not worth it to me and probably wont ever be. I bought a PSP when I had more disposable income (Pre baby saving. My wife is preggers too Josh. It’s a boy =D). but really I barely ever used it. When I did it seemed like I would be sitting on my couch in front of my 56 inch with surround… I just felt dumb doing that.

    I can watch movies on my phone, Browse internet and do everything with a very small device. If I commuted and used a train or bus often then I could maybe justify the purchase but for the 20 minutes I spend here and there in a waiting room or the plane trip I take 1-2 times a year it’s not worth it… I love Playstation and it’s products but I am one of those guys who has converted my mobile gaming to my phone. I have a ps3 with probably 40 games. I have a PSP with probably 10. DS, Wii, Gaming PC… all that but anymore it’s too expensive for hardware that is niche… I can deal with dumbed down games on my phone… really how much is it for a vita with a decent size mem card, uncharted and maybe 2 other games? Thats a LOT of money that I feel a lot of people are not willing to spend. Maybe when it’s cheaper and God of War or Call of Duty is out will people want it but… I just don’t think that Drake is enough.

    I dunno thats my 2 cents. Love what you guys do and keep it up.

    p.s. I am fearful that soon we are going to have the “Joel is quitting” announcement. I hope not but he’s barely ever on anymore. I’d throw my name in the hat for the next co host but I’m going back to school =D So get that lazy ass back on the show.

    •  Well congrats on the kid =)

      I get what you’re saying about using your phone instead of a new portable and there are probably a lot of people out there in the same mindset so it makes sense.  For me, I just can’t get into iPhone games, and I’ve really tried.  Every demo game I’ve played I ended up hating the controls or the gameplay.  Just an angry old man who fears change perhaps, but I just can’t get into them at all.

      I’m selling some stuff on eBay to help subsidize the Vita and I’m fine with that because there’s plenty on there I want to play and I know I’ll get good use out of it, I’m still using my PSP.  It helps that I’m in a major metropolitan area and find myself on the train a lot but I do play it at home quite often too, so it works for me.

      Joel’s not going anywhere as far as I know.  He’s had some things going on the last few weeks that have kept him away but I know he doesn’t like missing the show.

      • Thats actually really good to hear. Well… Maybe not the things keeping
        him… Just good that he misses it and plans on continuing. Not that
        the 2 of you don’t do a great job but yeah. I like the three amigos over the dynamic duo =D

        I totally get what you mean and if I could I’d get a vita but value to
        me is buying all the PS3 games this year instead… I mean really it’s
        buy a vita and miss out on Bioshock, Twisted Metal, Starhawk, Last
        Guardian(if it releases), SSX, Street Fighter X Tekken, Max Payne, GTA
        5(If it releases), Journey, Tomb Raider, Borderlands 2, Spec ops, Sly
        Cooper… To name a few. Also got some I still need to pick up. Each one
        times 60$… or a vita… You get where I’m going

        I kinda get what you mean about phone games but sorta kinda don’t. What I
        mean is I can understand you not liking say Worms on an Iphone cause
        the controls are awkward. However a game like Solitare or sudoku or
        words with friends or chess because it’s on a touch screen shouldn’t
        ditract unless your really just averse to phone gaming for some other
        strange reason… Ghost trick for example. Made for DS works perfect on
        iphone. Street fighter sucks on iphone… Monkey island 2. point and
        click adventure that has absolutely no timing involved works just
        fine… gta with on screen controls sucks… I guess what I’m really
        trying to say is you can still play “Hardcore” games on a phone… Heck
        if nintendo actually starts putting pokemon or something else out…
        Could be crazy. I am not trying to convince you phone gaming is “good”
        as everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I just feel like you
        and Torgo both seem to believe it’s purely a “casual” experience when it
        can be very deep and rewarding sometimes… Much fewer and further
        between then say Vita but still. Some good stuff there.

        Anyway game on bro and thanks for the reply

        • Oh it makes sense, and I’m sure there are good experiences to be had on the phone, I just haven’t found them.  At least I haven’t found any compelling enough for -me-.

          I think the other problem I have with it is the fact that it’s my phone.  If the battery dies on my PSP in the middle of the day. it kinda sucks but it’s not that big a deal.  If the battery dies on my phone, I’m screwed until I get home – it’s my only phone.

          I had a Palm Pilot “Professional” back in the mid 90’s and enjoyed gaming on that and the successive versions of it.  I was looking forward to the day when I’d be able to carry one device that could handle music, gaming, organizer and phone duties (video was an impossible dream). 

          The more I dealt with all the separate devices however, I realized battery life would always be an issue and I cooled on the idea of the one device to handle all of it.  Batteries have physical limitations that can’t be overcome until somebody figures out some radically different design.  So until that day, I’ll deal with multiple devices and I’d rather take the experience of a PSP or Vita.

          •  I totally get where your going with the battery life. I’m a firefighter/paramedic with the fire dept in my area. I don’t get a lot of down time at work but when I do I watch movies on my phone. Or listening to fine podcasts like yours =D I am putting that thing on a charger at least once per day. I do work 24 hours straight though. Battery tech does need to improve. It’s pretty insane.  There is actually some pretty sweet battery tech out there. It’s just super expensive…

            Anyway thanks for the insight bro.

            On a Dad note you got any names picked out? We’re going with Clark I think.

          •  yeah, we had like six girls names and no boy names so of course it was a boy.  After a lot of rejected names back and forth, Lu said “What about Mason?” and I agreed.

  • Anonymous

    OMG, there is a Tron, and crazy dude from contact shooting gallery in Uncharted Golden Abyss??!!!!  Just add a Mine Cart level with short round from Indiana Jones and I give It 2012 GOTY!!!!

  • Transformers 3 was decent, much much better than the 2nd, not sure whether I like it better than the first though. It’s interesting what you said about the 3D because when I saw it in the cinema, the 3D was terrible. I’m guessing that’s just a crap job by the cinema though, rather than the actual film. As for Rosie whatever her name is, yeah she’s hotter than Megan Fox, but dude, how can you not tell the difference between a British and Aussie accent? She’s not Australian! 🙂
    Glad to hear Spec Ops is turning out so well, I was looking forward to a game like Six Days In Falujah, so this is exciting. Definitely time for a more visceral, modern-day shooter, rather than the CoD stuff everyone is sick of.

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