Journey Has A Release Date!

The game that you love, despite knowing so little about, but loving it because you know so little about it, is coming to your PlayStation 3 on March 13th, 2012 for $14.99.  This will be available as a digital download via the PlayStation Store.

Journey needs little introduction, as thatgamecompany is responsible for some of the most amazingly-serene game on the PlayStation Store.  To this day, Flower is the only game that has never left my PS3 hard drive.  It lives there as a reminder of how beautiful a game can really be.  It’s also a serious stress-reliever when needed.

Your “journey” beings with your waking up surrounded by a vast desert, with only a singular beacon (in the form of a horizon-dominating mountain) to guide your way.  Along the way, you will encounter ancient ruins and mystical locals.  Journey is a multiplayer game, but not in the way you are accustom to.  You cannot voice-chat or type-chat with other people exploring the desert.  Instead you communicate via symbols and body gestures.  This game is one reason to appreciate the lack of cross-game voice chat on the PlayStation 3, and it’s also one of the reasons why I am one of the few who still feel that we don’t need it.  A game should be experience with others playing the same game.  And in the case of Journey, the availability of such an option would kill the intentions of Journey’s developers.  You are lost in their world, with their language and methods of communication.

I had a chance to play Journey a few months back, as did Torgo from the Podcast.  My experience was a unique one, and I actually forced myself to stop playing because I was in a bustling environment, and Journey was meant to be played in the quiet and serenity of your own home.  But what I did get to play is just another testament of thatgamecompany’s ability to think outside of the box.  And for that reason, March 13th can’t come any sooner.

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