Start The Party: Save The World Screenshots

So granted, the original Start the Party wasn’t on anyone’s top-ten list for Best Move Titles.  But there was something that I found pretty charming about the game: my kid’s reaction to it.  While some kids were waving their arms around at Kinect and hoping that their on-screen big-headed avatar would read their movement and jump over a raft, my kid was questioning reality, wondering why he was holding a sharp scimitar on the screen, while in reality he was simply holding a controller with a glowing red ball.  To me, that reaction sold me on Move, and I am still holding out for a Star Wars Lightsaber game, where I am literally holding a saber on the screen, and not just waving at the screen, while some other digital Jedi replaces me.

Start the Party was also a showpiece for how tightly the Move and PSEye worked well with each other.  Seldom did my kid wave his controller around and his onscreen digital version lose sync.  Even when he was swinging his virtual piñata stick around like a madman, the PS3 would keep up.

But where does that leave the adults?  Simple.  Drinking games.  You never want to purchase Start the Party for yourself.  Never, no.  But I’ve had friends over, and as a group, you can certainly have some fun with the quirky games.

Now it looks as if the PlayStation Move party game is coming back with a more-focused sequel.  Judging by the subtitle alone, it looks like the sequel to Start the Party will have focused mini games based on saving the world.  Check out the screenshots below.

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