Plants Vs. Zombies Coming To Vita

That’s right, folks.  The game that we love on our phones, and recently on our PS3s, is making its way to our shiny new Vitas.

The never-ending battle to defend your yard continues in vibrant colors on the PlayStation Vita screen, with both touch and gyro support.   Since a lot of folks became hooked on Plants vs. Zombies on their phones, the touch support will be an absolute welcomed feature.

But that’s not all.  The Vita version sports 50 adventure levels, 5 original game modes, and the ability to create your own zombies.   Plus, trophy whores rejoice, for Vita’s Plant vs. Zombies will have its own trophy (yo) support in a place where your achievements actually matter (that’s a stab at my phone, by the way, not other consoles).

While no release date has been announced, I can’t imagine it being too long after the system’s release.

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