Sumioni: Demon Arts Enemy Details

As I continue to profess in various posts I’m a fan of idiosyncratic Japanese games. This puts me well within Sumioni’s demographic. For those unfamiliar with this upcoming ACQUIRE developed and XSEED Games published title it is 2D action platformer with a visual style that draws inspiration from traditional Japanese sumi-e art. Using the Vita’s touchscreens players can manipulate the environment with just a single finger swipe.

But if you plan to lead the Inkdemon Agura, Sumioni’s protagonist, successfully through the world you need to know what you’re going to be up against. The odds seem pretty formidable. Pagodas serve as the final obstacle in some stages and are manned with simple archers to start; they soon employ cannons, saw blades, and drills to halt your progress in later levels. One of the only ways to avoid the Pagoda’s attacks is to draw platforms on the screen to aid you in dodging the fortresses many projectiles.

Agura’s foes won’t hesitate to send the Evil Eyeball after him either. This orb of misery combines a fear-inducing gaze, the ability to spout endless flames of the dead, and an energy beam that can disintegrate everything in its path. Speed seems to be the key to besting this ocular opponent.

The hardest of Agura’s opponents to miss is the Ogre, aka the god of misfortune. Aside from the catchy moniker the Ogre boasts immense size, towering over the capital, and the ability to unleash flames from beneath the earth itself. The Ogre’s only possible weakness is that it is not the sharpest tool in the tool shed, play smart and you might be able to put this foe in a giant coffin.

These are only a few of the many enemies populating Sumioni’s 30 stages. Prepare for a visually striking battle when Sumioni: Demon Arts arrives on PS Vita this Spring.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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