Vita sales slip to new low in Japan

The numbers have been disappointing since it’s launch nigh on two months ago, but now, the sales figures are starting to become somewhat concerning for the PlayStation Vita.

Last week (ending Feb 12th), the Vita sold just shy of 14,000 units – almost 2000 behind it’s predecessor, the PSP. It’s main rival, the Nintendo 3DS, sold almost 5x what the Vita did. In brighter news, the PS2 nearly tripled in sales from the previous week.

Here is the full list: (parenthesised numbers are previous week)

1) 3DS: 67,558 (75,018)
2) PS3: 22,002 (23,293)
3) PSP: 15,860 (15,847)
4) PSV: 13,939 (17,141)
5) Wii: 8,206 (8,814)
6) PS2: 1,239 (481)
7) XBOX 360: 1,139 (1,382)
8 ) DSi XL: 957 (1,090)
9) DSi: 651 (669)

Software sales were more encouraging for Sony, with games on its portable systems securing the top two spots:

1) Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki (PSP – Konami) 61,784
2) Gravity Daze (Vita – Sony) 43,462
3) Resident Evil Revelations (3DS – Capcom) 26,106
4) Mario Kart 7 (3DS – Nintendo) 23,758
5) Monster Hunter 3G (3DS – Capcom) 21,318
6) Super Mario 3D Land (3DS – Nintendo) 19,673
7) Gran Turismo 5 Spec II (PS3 – Sony) 12,613
8 ) Armored Core V (PS3 – From) 11,673
9) Ragnarok Odyssey (Vita – Gung-Ho) 8,117
10) Just Dance (Wii – Nintendo) 7,896

Another piece of Vita-related scaremongering in Japan came from newspaper Nikkei. They claimed it was basically the end of the road for Vita already, with all the developers jumping ship to the 3DS. Yes, you read that correctly – a Japanese paper telling people that after only a few weeks, “major Japanese companies are cancelling all projects intended for the Vita and are changing development to the 3DS.”

This is obviously utter lies and Sony Worldwide Studios were keen to point that out – Scott Rhode telling Gamasutra:

“I did not see that quote, but you see extremist quotes like that all the time. I mean, obviously, there is no way anyone could stand in front of a camera and say that all developers are changing focus from one platform to another, no matter what it is. It’s largely exaggerated. I know many, many, many third party developers and publishers are feverishly working on Vita titles, not just for now, but for the foreseeable future.”

It perplexes me how anybody could read the original Nikkei story and actually believe it. To think a developer would abandon a console before it’s even launched worldwide would be absolutely unthinkable; such a ridiculous notion.

Written by Raj Mahil

Game collector. Journalism graduate. Batman addict. Movie goer. WWE nut. Sports obsessive. Arsenal fan. Sub-Editor.

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