Sony: Minis problem will be fixed soon

Sony have confirmed they are working on a fix for the current issues with Minis on the brand new PlayStation Vita.

For those who don’t know, Minis are relatively cheap titles only available on the PSN, aimed at competing with the pricing strategy of iOS and Android games. Minis are designed so that they can be played on PSP, PS3 and now, PS Vita.

Various gamers took to the PlayStation forums to voice their discontent at not being able to play the bite-sized games. Any Mini downloaded as a PS+ freebie is currently unplayable on the handheld. The Minis can be installed perfectly fine, but once you attempt to load up the game, an error message is displayed. All Minis that were purchased without PS+, function correctly.

A spokesperson from the console manufacturer told Edge:

“We are aware of the issue, and will resolve it as quickly as possible.”

Written by Raj Mahil

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  • Interesting.

  • eric tingler

    Yea I downloaded a mini, and worked fine. I also do not have PS+. The game wasn’t that good lol.

  • MastaMold

    Download N.O.V.A that game works great with the Vita you can use the rthe right analog stick to move the camera around 

  • It seems some Minis you can download on the Vita and they work fine but others don’t work at all.

  • I can’t even get them to install on mine, the Vita doesn’t see them on the PS3 even though they’re from the PS3/PSP/Vita category.

  • way2easy

    So this fixes the bug where all minis are stupidly over-priced and also shit?  I loved the idea and even bought some of the original minis on my PSPgo until I realised that I was paying $8.00 for 99c games.
    Sony, sometimes your really suck.

    (Ps+ fixed this by giving me most of the decent minis for free)