PlayStation Vita Sales Reach Over 1.2 Million Worldwide

While other sites seem keen on reporting the daily turmoil that the Vita has faced in Japan, marking the beginning of the apocalypse (according to some) we’re happy to report some good news for a change.   That’s not to say that we blind ourselves from dismal news, when it makes its way to our front door.  We just figure that there are more than enough places to get your “how is Sony failing” news of the day.

So, if you took the plunge and purchased a Vita last week, or imported one from Japan in December, it will bring you comfort and joy to know that the little system is fairing pretty damn well worldwide, in essence paving the way to a nice, healthy life for your new investment.  1.2 Million is a strong number to start your life with, particularly with all of the nay-say on the news.  Sales on the software side have seen some great figures with numbers surpassing 2.o million across PSN and retail.

Sony is taking the news as a positive indicator that gamers are still interested in a dedicated portable gaming console, and I couldn’t agree more, having spent hours racing on Wipeout 2048, and dwarfing the entire time I have spent gaming on my iPad in the last few days with my Vita.

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