PlayStation Vita Sales Reach Over 1.2 Million Worldwide

While other sites seem keen on reporting the daily turmoil that the Vita has faced in Japan, marking the beginning of the apocalypse (according to some) we’re happy to report some good news for a change.   That’s not to say that we blind ourselves from dismal news, when it makes its way to our front door.  We just figure that there are more than enough places to get your “how is Sony failing” news of the day.

So, if you took the plunge and purchased a Vita last week, or imported one from Japan in December, it will bring you comfort and joy to know that the little system is fairing pretty damn well worldwide, in essence paving the way to a nice, healthy life for your new investment.  1.2 Million is a strong number to start your life with, particularly with all of the nay-say on the news.  Sales on the software side have seen some great figures with numbers surpassing 2.o million across PSN and retail.

Sony is taking the news as a positive indicator that gamers are still interested in a dedicated portable gaming console, and I couldn’t agree more, having spent hours racing on Wipeout 2048, and dwarfing the entire time I have spent gaming on my iPad in the last few days with my Vita.

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  • braun6

    Finally, some positivity toward the Vita.

  • Knew it would do good in the U.S. All the nay sayers can now go chew on their own words!

    •  Is 1.2 million worldwide really that good?

  • MastaMold

    Suck it Sony haters, lol just messing around but there is some negative articles about Sony’s PS3 and PS Vita this gen but it looks to me that Sony really supports the hardcore gamer and the PS3 and PS Vita are proof of that

  • wv06

    Well its sold what..about 600K in Japan to date.  So that would indicate about about 600K shipped or Sold in US and Europe.  Both of those Territories are much bigger than Japan and Japan moved over 300 in first week alone.  I would have expected about double that number to date.  Still the system is good enough i feel it will catch on and sell over a long period of time.  It just needs Call of Duty to come out before sales go nuts

  • Heck…gamestop here is sold out of accessories for vita here since it came to america.

  • killerseyton

    well said my friend!!!!!   GO VITA!!!!!!

  • I think that’s a really good start and as soon as COD and some of the bigger games come out, fuggedaboutit!

  • this is great news and I knew the vita wont fail and I can’t wait to get one need to get a job first though been trying for over a year now

  • From my Near chart I’ve went from 11 of number of people playing to 157 people and growing daily. Sounds like it is a hit around me, around my work there was only 28 but considering where it is located I’m actually impressed there is anyone in range.

  • way2easy

    I too am kind of surprised by the number of people I have encountered with near.  I live in “the sticks” Australia and can still count on 30 to 40 people within 10km (that’s a metric unit Glenn) which is pretty f’ng impressive.

    Also the Vita is like the PSP 3, we just skipped the 3DS-like PSP2 and went for a system that fucking rules.  How much better is this tech? Holy shit.

  • Of course we have subsequently had plenty of doom-mongering going on in the wake of these figures: “That’s way less than the PSP” they say, forgetting the fact that the world wasn’t in a state of financial turmoil when the PSP launched. “It’s less than the 3DS” they say, forgetting the fact that Nintendo sold about a bajillion of the original DS, meaning they had a nice healthy head-start in terms of people wanting to get that machine in their hands.

    One thing the 3DS definitely didn’t have was the ‘customer satisfaction factor,’ in so far as just about everyone I’ve heard of with a Vita is 100% happy with it, and can play as long as they like without getting a headache!