MotorStorm RC Available On Vita…For Free!

As an unnaturally-huge fan of the Motorstorm games, it was pretty much a no-brainer that I would be purchasing RC for the PSV.  RC appears to be a serious departure from the chaotic racing that the series has established over the years, but it looks like its heart is still in the right place, not to mention the old environments from the previous games (shrunk down to micro size).

Well, PSV owners will be able to download the entire PSV version of the game tomorrow…for free!  No extra purchases, no red tape.  SCEA has partnered with Scion to make this possible, as the PSV version of the game will include a playable version of the new Scion IQ (seen below).

This deal will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to get your copy tomorrow with the Playstation Store Tuesday update.  The PlayStation 3 will also be available for $9.99 ($7.49 for PS Plus members).   Little Lunatics Unite!

Source: PS Blog

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  • MastaMold

    This is why i love Sony and now that i got a Vita all i can say is Fuck Yea!

  • MightyCrow7

    I wish SCEE did stuff like this 🙁

  • braun6

    Super Awesome!!!  This was the next game on my list for the Vita until the likes of Resistance Burning Skies.

  • I can’t wait. These are the types of deals that Sony needs to continue to work out…if there’s money to be made by Sony and its developers in partnerships like this, it needs to be done for A LOT of $5-$15 games!

  • Wish this could happen for the PS3 version. Sony has to remember that they have PS3 users also! Not everything is the Vita, although that is all that is talked about now.

    • ChazzH69

      It’s true, but I think Sony are pushing anything to do with Vita as it’s their little brand new baby, when it’s grown a bit they’ll go back to caring about it’s older sibling aswell.

    • MightyCrow7

       If you buy the Vita version you get the PS3 version and vice-versa.

      • Really? I didn’t see that.

  • Wow, I cannot wait till I download it!

  • Great news, hope it doesn’t affect the ps3 sales of the game.

    •  If the game supports cross platform multiplayer, I will purchase this so that I can play the game with my fiance.  So hopefully it’s more of an encouragement to buy them both 🙂

      • You get both versions when you buy the game (at least in the UK) – I’m guessing as you’re getting the Vita one for free you’ll need to buy the PS3 one?

        Also the multiplayer isn’t online as such – you don’t race each other, just set times for each other to beat.

        Works really well and has been the game I’ve played the most since getting my Vita!

        If anyone wants to add me on PSN for some score chasing my ID is GregHorrorShow.

  • eric tingler

    Just checked the store, still not there. Cant wait for the store to update!! I am also getting Unit 13 in about a hour and half!! This is going to be a good day! Thanks Sony, and hanks PS nation for filling us in!

  • ZenZuke

    Doesn’t seem to be free on the Irish PSN as of 8:15pm on my Vita

  • Just wanted to confirm about the PS3 version…