Jet Set Radio Headed To PSN This Summer

For those who missed out on the Dreamcast era, and instead horded your cash for a launch day PlayStation 2, you might have missed playing Jet Set Radio, but more likely than not you heard about it. From the unique combination of inline skating and tagging walls with graffiti to the one of a kind hip-hop soundtrack Jet Set Radio was SEGA at its best on the Dreamcast. In Jet Set Radio players join the GGs a street gang that is fighting for the right to self-expression against an overbearing police force, think a really colorful Orwell novella. You take control of gang leader Beat as he leads his crew across Tokyo-to and attempts to steal turf from local gangs by tagging the areas with colorful designs. Now all those PS2 fans from long ago will get a chance to experience this classic from a “rival” system as it heads to PSN this summer. No specific release date or price point has been announced.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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