Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Gameplay Trailer Released

High Moon Studios released the cinematic trailer for their upcoming Transformers Fall of Cybertron a few months ago, and while the team has been happy to talk about the sequel to their previous Transformer game (not including Dark of the Moon), gameplay footage has been limited to the same content that we have seen for months.

That changed this week.  Not only did the guys at High Moon release their “gameplay” trailer, but they also released a making-of-the-trailer-trailer, which, quite-simply, blows the mind.

Truth is, the gameplay trailer itself doesn’t actually reveal much in the way of “gameplay” in the sense that you are watching streaming footage of the game being played.  Rather, its comprised more of real-time cinematics and some pretty awesome action sequences.  Still no sign of the much-talked-about Metroplex sequences (where Optimus Prime controls a walking city Transformer).

However, the making-of trailer does indeed show some new streaming gameplay footage, and if the team is aiming to make the best Transformers game ever, they may have their chance at succeeding, come August 28, 2012, when the game makes it’s way to stores.

Check out both trailers below.

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  • braun6

    This is looking better and better but I heard they removed the online co-op feature althogether.  If it’s in favor of a more robust and entertaining single player campaign . . . I can live with that.

    •  Likewise.  But I am still bummed about that.  Fighting Omega Supreme with buddies was freakin amazing.  Quite honestly one of the coolest co-op moments, because we would be transforming and hauling ass to get away from his missles and then transforming back and lighting him up.  Do you have the original?

      • braun6

        I still own, and have yet to complete, War for Cybertron.

        •  Sounds like we might need to co-op some.  It’s been a while since I’ve played it


    Man this looks sweet.