NIS America Bringing Three New RPGs Exclusively To PS3 Within The Next Year

NIS America is known for bringing unique Japanese themed titles to the U.S. Without them we wouldn’t know the wonders of demon penguins and how endearing overuse of the word “dOOd!” can be.

NIS America has announced three new titles: Legasista, The Witch and The Hundred Knights and Mugen Souls, all of which are PS3 exclusives and are scheduled to be released within the next twelve months.


Legasista is the most traditional RPG of the three with a dungeon crawl theme, lots of loot, tons of job classes and randomly generated dungeons. Also, if you really want to customize your character you can even import images from your PS3 that Legasista will convert into playable characters. Legasista will be available via PSN this August.

Fans of action RPGs should look forward to The Witch and the Hundred Knights. Using high-res, fully 3D environments and characters you will be transported into a dark fantasy world brought to life by Takehito Harada, famed illustrator featured in the Disgaea series. Interestingly, for a Japanese-developed title, the player will be able to choose whether they save innocents or help to ransack towns. With a hundred knights at your disposal you will have a myriad of ways utilize your massive team. The Witch and the Hundred Knights is headed to PS3 in Q1 2013.

And for those that yearn for another strategy RPG from NIS America then Mugen Souls is the answer to your prayers. It will employ a free-roaming battle map, turn-based combat, and a ridiculous amounts of customization. And when I say ridiculous I truly mean it, how many other games let you customize body parts, facial expressions and job classes? Look for it exclusively on PS3 this Fall.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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