PSNation BotCon Interview With Matt Tieger: Transformers Fall Of Cybertron

While visiting Dallas for this year’s BotCon, (a convention dealing with everything Transformers) I had an opportunity to speak with Matt Tieger, Game Director at High Moon Studios.  We talked some Transformers: Fall of Cybertron between some amazing gameplay sessions involving a giant fire-spewing T-Rex and a gargantuan Transformer comprised of 5 individual robots.  Needless to say, this game is taking everything that made Transformers: War for Cybertron amazing, and blowing it apart.

Since most of the new information regarding the game will be further expanded-upon at this year’s E3, there wasn’t much I could pry from Mr. Tieger (despite my shameless attempt).  But I did manage to ask him about two things that I had been curious about.  Fall of Cybertron is looking to include an extremely robust character-creation tool (particularly compared to that of the original War for Cybertron).  While we weren’t shown the actual tool in action, we were given a nice idea of how much control players would have in designing their own robot in disguise.  You will be able to choose your vehicle form, as well as different body parts, weapons, and heads.  This will allow players to really give their character a distinct look across the various classes in the game.

But with such an improved character development tool available to players, I wondered if perhaps the same tool might be available to the developer in order to create a stronger cast of random enemies.  The world of Cybertron is home to many robots.  But these are all unique individuals with specific personalities and physical appearance.  While War for Cybertron attempted to convey this by giving even the most random troop a voice of his own, the NPCs shared the same colors and physical traits, thus giving the illusion that they were simply nameless drones.

I asked Matt if the developers were using this new tool to give us a bit more of a random cast for the “random enemies” in the game.

Matt TiegerWe actually were able to this time around create some variations within, let’s call them the basic soldiers, which in War for Cybertron it was the same model all the time.  Now they have some variation within them… We mixed and matched parts because we did develop this customization system.

This is actually great new for fans of Transformers, because the thing that folks love about mythology is that they are living robots, and this individuality is what separates them from other robot mythologies (apart from Go-Bots).  So it will be nice to kill robots that at least have a bit of a distinction to them.

While Matt couldn’t mention any names, he did confirm that we have “not” seen every playable character in the game at this point.  And with the healthy roster that has been revealed thus far (Grimlock, Optimus Prime, Jazz, Cliffjumper, and various Decepticons), this new is certainly awesome.

The following day High Moon showed off some more elements from the game’s character customization.  We were asked not to take photos, but based on some of the screenshots shown, I definitely noticed  a serious improvement from the first game.  A lot more attention was given to creating a unique head (which is a huge aspect of a Transformer’s identity).  The game maintains the original classes from War for Cybertron, but individual limbs can be chosen for added variety.

With E3 quite literally around the corner, information seems almost ready to explode about this game, so keep yours eyes on PSNation for some




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