BBC Sport app to arrive on Sony platforms

The BBC will be releasing a dedicated app on both PlayStation 3 and Sony Bravia Smart TV‘s, with “more devices to follow”.

BBC iPlayer has been on the PS3 for a while, but this new app has one major difference – it’s live. The service will begin in time for Wimbledon (which commences June 25th) and will offer live HD streaming, on top of the on-demand content.

The experience will be custom-built for the app though, so there should in theory be an advantage over watching on TV. For instance, there’ll be various camera angles available at once, or even multiple events on screen.

I can’t think of another dedicated sports service such as this, so it will be interesting to see what they make of it. BBC (or ‘the beeb’ as they’re affectionately known) have already stated they will offer the Olympics and Formula 1 on the app, as well as the aforementioned tennis major. Here’s hoping they also broadcast EURO 2012 this summer – with the technology, they could create a service that rivals Sky‘s coverage for quality.

Of course, because it’s the BBC, the app will have to be free; and for obvious reasons, it is UK-only. Here’s the official line from Sony on what you can expect from the new software:

“The application has been designed specifically for the ‘big-screen’ to deliver an ultimate home entertainment experience.  The principal purpose is to deliver live sporting events where there are simultaneous activities or multiple camera angles, making it an ideal fixture to get front row seats to watch Formula 1 and major sporting events coming to London this summer, including Wimbledon and the Olympics.

With the BBC capturing highlights of the key sporting events over the summer, the app will provide UK consumers with an incredible mix of both live and on-demand sporting events from the UK and around the world, straight to their living rooms at the simple touch of a button. Throughout the London 2012 Olympics Games, the BBC Sport app will give audiences access to 2,500 hours of content and up to 24 simultaneous live events, all in HD.

In addition to the current BBC red-button function consumers with the BBC Sport app will have access to more interactive content and extra coverage of future sporting events.

The app’s user interface will be familiar to consumers who currently use the BBC Sport website, it will be simple to navigate using the standard remote control, Media Remote smartphone application or PlayStation 3 controller.”

Finally, Edd Uzzell of Sony’s Bravia brand, had this to say:

“Televised sport is one of the biggest rating wins for broadcasters.  This truly is a killer app and will provide a substantial amount of additional sporting content that you can’t get through the current broadcasting model.  We strongly believe this will kick-start more widespread usage of the connected television offering, providing sport fans using the app with in-depth big-screen coverage of their favorite events.  The app will also have extensive penetration in the UK thanks to its availability on PlayStation 3.”


Written by Raj Mahil

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