Eden Games is still open after all…

Contrary to the news we brought you at the back end of last week, it seems Test Drive developer Eden Games is actually still alive.

The reports from a multitude of sources on Friday seemed to be confirmed, but Atari have now dismissed it as off-the-mark speculation. Here’s what they had to say in a clarifying statement:

“Our earnings statement contained a report about the divestment of Eden Studios.

We want to make it clear that the studio has not closed and that we will continue to support the console and PC games of Eden Studios, notably Test Drive Unlimited 2, while this process is underway.

The divestment is in line with our previously stated strategy of exploiting our popular intellectual property library on mobile devices, where he have seen strong initial success, and via online games and licensing.”

Written by Raj Mahil

Game collector. Journalism graduate. Batman addict. Movie goer. WWE nut. Sports obsessive. Arsenal fan. Squawka.com Sub-Editor.

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