Register Opens For DUST 514 Closed Beta Today!

If you listened to last week’s PSNation Podcast (Episode 267) you would have no doubt been treated to a wealthy bit of information regarding CCP’s Free-to-Play shooter for the PS3, DUST 514.  If you missed the episode, and are a fan of first or third-person shooters, you owe it to yourself to go back and listen to details for what might be one of the most unique experiences on the PlayStation 3.  This isn’t a cross-platform game like Portal (where you can play with PC gamers on the same game).  This is a cross-plaform/genre/universe  experience, where you are given contracts by other players playing a completely different type of game on their PCs and are rewarded for executing your objectives by real people.  And the cross-playing isn’t only limited to offering and executing contracts.  EVE Online players (on the PC) can also lend assistance in combat (to PS3 players) from their fortresses in the sky, as well as reward loyal mercs with upgrades and weapons.

It doesn’t hurt that this unique experience of mixing gamers from the EVE Online universe with players in DUST 514 is free-to-play.

Those eager to get their hands on some gameplay can register for a Closed Beta starting today.

Just click on the link below and fill out the respective fields in order to be considered for the beta.  Best of luck, and if you didn’t listen to last week’s show, give it an ear.  I’m not even into shooters, and this seriously caught my attention.


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