LEGO Batman 2 will feature open world gameplay

Warner Bros. have today released a new trailer showcasing an open-world Gotham City, for LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.

This signals a new direction for the fun block-based titles, which usually feature a linear set of levels. Being able to free roam around Gotham in the Batmobile certainly creates more anticipation for the game.

LEGO Batman 2 also features actual voices (as you can hear in the trailer) – a significant departure from past LEGO titles which relied purely on facial expressions and vague noises to present the characters’ feelings. This aspect, along with the improved visuals, suggests that the production values are much higher for the Caped Crusader’s second outing than in previous LEGO releases.

Check out the new video below:

Written by Raj Mahil

Game collector. Journalism graduate. Batman addict. Movie goer. WWE nut. Sports obsessive. Arsenal fan. Sub-Editor.

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