NEAR Functionality in Super Stardust Delta Explained

One of the best games, and best deals for the PlayStation Vita is obviously Super Stardust Delta, but the NEAR functionality, and the corresponding leaderboard has been a point of confusion. So after Josh and I speculated over the course of a few weeks, I decided to just go straight to the people that set it all up, and they responded with a very detailed description of what’s actually going on. Check it out below.

From the folks at Housemarque:
“Gifts automatically increase score on the “received gifts” leaderboard, and they unlock songs from the “Retro” soundtrack in Super Stardust Delta, but only under certain conditions.

A track is unlocked + a gift is sent if…

– The game is started for the very first time
– The game has been played for more than an hour (since a previous track unlock)
– It’s been 12 hours since previous track unlock

…In all those cases the game sets a new gift for others to download within 1km in NEAR

Players can download more gifts than there are tracks on the retro soundtrack (but that will still of course affect the gift leaderboard), but they will not unlock anything more.”

Here is a three part article on the Bosses of Super Stardust Delta, explaining their creation and evolution, the reason we gave them names etc.

Bosses of Super Stardust Delta – Part 1: Hadronus

Bosses of Super Stardust Delta – Part 2: Buzzsaw & Maggotron

Bosses of Super Stardust Delta – Part 3: Craboid & Hydra Cube

Our thanks to the crew at Housemarqe for sending this over! Check out the articles too, they’re a nice window into the world of game development.

Written by Glenn Percival

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  • is it always 1 KM, what if we use proper measurements in miles 🙂 jk

    Thanks for the information

    • People still use miles ? keep up with the times, man! 

  • Thats good to know…it was annoying to keep getting the same downloads from near, now I’m going to accept them to get on top of the leaderboards lol.

  • psnation exclusive! lol

  • I’m going to start a thread in the forums about other games that may need an explanation like this, and I’ll try to contact the devs like I did here.

  • I hate to say it, but this is either wrong or it’s broken… I play an hour of Stardust at least once or twice a week. I get new Stardust gifts in near almost every day. I download them and fire up Stardust once a day (roughly 24 hours apart). I get the little notice that “A gift it is available for upload…”. But, I have the same number of gifts in received rankings almost all the time. It adds one item once a week if I’m lucky. Either their logic is wrong, near is just plain broken, or there’s something else they’re not telling us.