Assassins Creed and Ghost Recon headed to Vita?

UK-based retailers Zavvi and GAME have published (and subsequently removed) product pages for two unannounced Vita titles.

Assassins Creed III – which of course is headed to the PS3 later this year – and the completely unheard of Ghost Recon: Final Mission are the duo of Ubisoft titles in question. The publisher boasted just last week that their E3 conference would be “full of surprises”. I’m guessing these two online stores didn’t get the memo on that one, jumping the gun by a fortnight.

Whilst some think that a fully-fledged Assassins Creed game on Sony‘s new handheld wouldn’t be feasible, there is a train of thought to say it is in fact likely. The console manufacturer has been extremely keen to push the Vita as having the ability to handle console-level games. So what better way to demonstrate this power, than by having one of the most marketable current IP’s appearing on the system, in it’s true form rather than a spin-off.

One interesting thing to take note of from these leaks, is the boxart. Usually, these kind of product pages would either have no image, or perhaps just a logo put onto a blank cover. With these though, the artwork looked professionally done, suggesting these could indeed be real. The Assassins‘ cover looked identical to it’s big brother versions, whilst the Final Mission one is displayed below.

Be sure to let us know in the comments section if you’re excited by the prospect of another new Ghost Recon, or whether you would consider buying AC III on the portable over the PS3.

Written by Raj Mahil

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