‘Ice White’ PSP E-1000 revealed

Sony have today unveiled a brand new colour for the PSP E-1000.

The ‘Ice White’ handheld (pictured below) will be arriving this summer, and carries an identical RRP to the current black model – £89.99 / EUR99.99. For those who don’t remember, E-1000 is a budget model of the PSP that was announced at last year’s E3. It’s exclusive to European countries and unlike the PSP Go, features a UMD drive.

The console manufacturer also took the opportunity to say the PSP Essentials range of UMD’s will now retail at £9.99 / EUR9.99. Judging by how quickly game prices fall in the UK (with online retailers at least), you can be almost certain that you’ll soon be able to purchase a whole load of stellar games for around £5 a pop.


Today’s news follows the recent reveal by Sony Japan, on a new white Vita. Possibly due to this, the general reaction to the new E-1000 colour has been harsh to say the least. Personally, I don’t understand the outrage at all. Everyone seems to be saying Sony should be putting their time to more Vita support rather than a “dead” platform.

Seriously, how difficult would this have been? All they are doing is putting a different plastic shell on existent hardware; they won’t even be marketing this thing at all. The time and resources put into doing this will be completely minimal. So please put down your flaming pitchforks and disband your angry mob. This will have absolutely no effect on the success of the Vita.

Written by Raj Mahil

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  • way2easy

    Holy cow, now I can finally own all five versions of the PSP in WHITE! My life is complete.
    Seriously though, Sony needs to drop the PSP manufacturing and concentrate on the Vita. 

    • I’m guessing you didn’t read the final two paragraphs then…

      This isn’t stopping them from “concentrating” on the Vita. The PSP is obviously still selling, so why not continue to make them? They still make PS2’s because people still buy them. To stop manufacturing a product that there is clearly a market for, would be ridiculous. The people who spend £80 on a PSP are not the same people who would spend £200 on a Vita, so it is not harming sales.