New Fall Of Cybertron Trailer Explains Dinobot Creation

As kids we accepted the most ludicrous things.  We’d watch cartoon and hardly question the realities that were being breached.  If you were a fan of Transformers, your entire experience was based on a major suspension of disbelief.  Now that we are older, we tend to be a bit more critical of our entertainment’s ability to convey reality, even when we are fully aware that we are being fed complete fiction.

High Moon Studios struggled with bringing the Dinobots into their new Transformers game.  Simply-put, their existence did not logically fit into a world full of sentient robots who have no idea what Earth is, let alone dinosaurs.   In the old cartoon, the Dinobots were created on Earth based historical documentations and museum displays.  But in order to incorporate the Dinobots into Fall of Cybertron, the team at High Moon had to develop a believable reason why these robotic dinos could exist on Cybertron, before the Transformers even knew of Earth’s existence.

This short trailer explains how the developer worked their story-telling mastery, in order to allow us to play as Grimlock in the upcoming Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.  Check it out.

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