Sports Champions 2 is coming this fall

San Diego Studios have today announced Sports Champions 2 for the PlayStation Move.

The original was widely regarded as the best Move title when the peripheral first launched on the PS3 back in 2010. This new title, developed by Zindagi Games, looks to improve on the first iteration by doing away with the old calibration system, and also adding a new party mode.

As a big fan of Sports Champions, I’m intrigued to see this party mode; the game was a lot of fun at family get-togethers, but could have done with being more streamlined and competitive.

I’m also very much anticipating the various sports on offer – primarily golf and boxing. Skiing, tennis and bowling are included too – along with a revamped version of archery, one of the most enjoyable options on the first game.

There’s one aspect that hasn’t been eluded to so far: online play. Could we see an announcement at E3? Here’s hoping.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section, and check out the announcement trailer below:


UPDATE: Credit to Ron Manning who pointed this out – in the comments on PS Blog, Jeremy Ray of Zindagi had this to say on online play:

We totally understand the desire for online multiplayer, but this is a feature we unfortunately are unable to support given our constraints. This decision was not made without careful consideration. A very bare bones online multiplayer implementation might have been possible if we cut enough of our new features (Ex. Calibration free gameplay, Party Play and Create-A-Player), but we weren’t okay with doing online multiplayer unless we could do it right and without sacrificing so much to the rest of the game. Hopefully the vastly improved local multiplayer experience in SC2 helps with this news. As we feel that with SC2 we are catering to that group of friends and family gameplay in a much better way than what was possible on SC1.

Written by Raj Mahil

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