‘Spy Hunter’ Racing to the Vita

Warner Bros. Interactive has announced the reboot of the classic, arcade title, Spy Hunter, for the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

In Spy Hunter, the player takes control of the “Agent” with their super car in a mission to stop a terrorist organization set on world domination. The G-6155 Interceptor, the player’s car, is the highlight of the announcement trailer. It has many advanced weapons and the ability to transform from a car into an off-road vehicle and even into a speed boat. Samantha Ryan, Senior Vice President, Production and Development at Warner Bros. Interactive is quoted as saying, “Gamers now have more choice in the transformation and customization with greater hand controls, brilliant graphics and enhanced action cameras.”

The announcement comes on the eve of the franchise’s 30th anniversary. Spy Hunter is being developed by TT Fusion, the same people behind several of the Lego games.

Driving fans can look forward to Spy Hunter in Fall 2012.

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