E3 2012: Here We Go

E3 2012 is here! Well, it is less than 48 hours away, and I for one am excited like no other. This should be a very exciting show as we have Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft all vying for our gaming attention. What can Nintendo do to get Wii U off to the right start? What can Microsoft show that isn’t called Halo 4? Most importantly, what can Sony do to get awareness up about how great the PlayStation Vita is? We will find out what each company will do shortly.

For me, this is always an exciting time. I get to watch as hundreds of games are either announced or shown off. It gets my gaming juices flowing and gets me excited for the rest of the year. It also has me looking to the horizon of what I should be paying attention to. Just last year, I can remember watching trailers for games such as Batman: Arkham City, Mass Effect 3, and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Those games were unbelievable when they came out, and I am hoping such games are shown this year!

Batman: Arkham City was my favorite game from last year’s show

Even with last year’s great lineup, it still isn’t my favorite memory from E3. I have many from when the PlayStation 3 was announced with its crazy boomerang controller, to when Halo 2 was shown (I know, it isn’t Sony related, but I loved that game!). E3 has always held a special place with me because of my gaming memories it has produced.

The questions I have for the PSNation community are what are you most excited about for E3 2012 and what are your favorite memories from this show? I want to hear it all so leave some comments below!

Written by Nathan Hensler

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