Dead Space 3 with Co-op!

Even though it was all but assured that EA would release a follow up to its successful horror franchise, Dead Space, we didn’t know what it would be all about. Well today EA announced officially that Dead Space 3 is a reality. It will be set on a frozen planet infested by the vile Necromorphs of past games.

You can now team up with your friends!

The lead character, Issac Clarke, will be on a harrowing adventure after he crash lands on a frozen planet called Tau Volantis. Issac then learns that this planet could be the answer to ending the Necromorphs. Issac will end up battling different types of enemies including humans to get through his journey.

Rumored to be a feature, Co-op will be making its first appearance in the series as you will be able to play with your friends anywhere, anytime in the game. The interesting part of this story is that co-op will offer different story details than a solo play-through.

What surprises can Issac expect for this go around?

Steve Papoutsis, VP/GM of Visceral Games, had this to say:

“Dead Space 3 will deliver action and horror on a scale that far exceeds anything we’ve done before. The game will range from the depths of space and tight, indoor corridors to a harsh new planet with explorable environments that offer new challenges. For fans that love playing alone in the dark, they still can have the classic Dead Space experience that makes the franchise so unique. Likewise, players that want to share that immersive and intense experience with a friend now have that option thanks to the addition of co-op. Either way, the action is intense, the adventure is breathtaking, and the thrills are unforgettable.”

Dead Space 3 will be on display at E3 2012 and will see a release date sometime in 2013.

You can view the trailer by clicking here!

Written by Nathan Hensler

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