E3 2012: Beyond

After months of speculation following the Kara tech demo and the screen shots leaked earlier, Quantic Dream has finally announced their new game. It is called Beyond and stars Ellen Page as a young woman with psychic powers. The trailer shown off focused on the graphical fidelity as well as the voice acting. You can really sense the emotion in the characters’ voices and expressions.

As the demo went on, the action was turned up as we saw the main character control combat soldiers and different elements including fire. Not much is known about if it will be in the same vein as Heavy Rain with quick time events, or if it will be a free flowing control game akin to the Uncharted series. What is definitely certain is that this game is a PlayStation exclusive.

There was no release date shown, but I imagine it is a 2013 title. If it is anywhere close to how good the trailer looked, this game will be a must have for any PS3 owner!

Written by Nathan Hensler

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