What is South Park: The Stick of Truth

As this is PS Nation and the focus is on any and everything PlayStation, we sometimes don’t get to see things from the competitors until a short period after. That is the case today. Now, I am not talking about gaming experiences that are not coming to the PlayStation 3, but I am talking about a game that was shown at the Microsoft Press Conference. If you had the chance to watch it, you got to see one eagerly anticipated game in South Park: The Stick of Truth.

I am a huge South Park fan and heard about this game a couple months ago. I didn’t know what to expect since every past South Park game has not been highly regarded. OK, they were awful, but that isn’t what I am expecting from this game. It is coming from a good studio in Obsidian Entertainment, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have done the writing for the game, and it takes all of its styling cues from the show. Everything is there to make this game very good! The only question is, how would it play?

The game looks like the show!

The game was behind closed doors leading up to E3, then in a blink of an eye, it was unveiled to the world at Microsoft’s show. The trailer starts off with Cartman talking about how they have been betrayed as the city of South Park has been destroyed. He says there is only one hope and that is from the “New Kid”. The “New Kid” is actually a South Park character that the player creates. You will end up guiding him through the perilous adventure that happens to the South Park crew with the end goal being becoming “cool”. Yes you read that right, the sole purpose of this game is making your character cool to all of the South Park kids. To do that, you have to battle other characters in a live-action role playing game that has taken over the city. It seems like the combat is turn-based with different set of skills depending on how the character is created. There are a multitude of weapons available from mystical weapons to firearms. There were also special abilities shown as Cartman ends up having flaming gas in one of the fights.

The story itself seems to be under wraps right now, but from early indications it hits on all of the best past character and moments in the series. We have vampire kids, hippies, the Satan worshiping animals, and even the crab people that are battling our heroes. If Trey and Matt are able to intertwine all of the characters into a seamless narrative, this game might be one of the best licensed products around.

Hopefully this game continues to show promise. We will keep you updated with news about South Park: The Stick of Truth when it comes available. The trailer can be viewed here.

Written by Nathan Hensler

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