‘The Amazing Spider Man’ Is Coming This Month

Super hero games don’t exactly have the best reputation.  Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkam City were amazing games that served to change this outlook and raise the bar, challenging our favorite crusaders to compete with the best of the AAA titles.   The E3 trailer below from The Amazing Spider-Man suggests that it may be able to keep the trend going.  We’ll find out for sure on 06/26/2012.

The events in the game take place after what we’ll see in the movie.  For all of you web-heads, Iguana, Rhino, and Felicia Hardy have been named as the villains that will make an appearance.

If you plan on purchasing this game, you will have to choose your retailer carefully.  Amazon and Gamestop are offering some very different and worthwhile exclusive pre-order bonuses.  Would you rather play as Rhino or Stan Lee himself?!  Click here for all the details.


Written by Emrah Rakiposki

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