E3 Video: Sunflower

We love indie games, or simply games that offer something new.  A few years ago I might have steered clear of any game having to do with flowers and butterflies, but I’ve learned now (because of a certain game company) to embrace any new idea, even if it might seem to go against what I’m are expected to enjoy.

So when Glen sent in this video, I checked it out with an open mind.  Sunflower is a Vita game about collecting flowers.  It employs almost 100% touch screen use (I believe you can use the shoulder buttons for certain functions) and requires you to hold the Vita with the screen in a vertical position.   Check out the video below, and tune into the PSNation podcast for more details about this and many other games that were hiding on the E3 floor, but may not have been mentioned in any press conference.

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