Molyneux: ‘I don’t know where Sony are going’

The man behind the Fable series (and former Microsoft developer), Peter Molyneux, has said he is “worried” about Sony‘s prospects in regards to future hardware.

In an interview conducted by GamesIndustry, the ex-Lionhead chief did have a few positive things to say about PlayStation, as well as saying Microsoft focus on Sony “obsessively”.

However, those comments will be outweighed by the slightly scathing remarks on where he believes the company is headed. Check out the quotes below:

“Sony has always had a very strong first person line-up, which I think is incredibly smart. They’ve got good developers. They’ve got some very talented developers.

The way I always feel with Sony is that if they double down on those first party developers, give them the headroom to be inventive and be creative, especially when it comes it any next generation platform, then they could pull lots of rabbits out of the hat.

What I worry about, with their corporate pressure and the pressure on costs, I worry about the ability to do that. More and more – and this is a personal thing – I just don’t know where they’re going in hardware terms.

They had the Move, but it wasn’t as early as the Wii and it wasn’t as innovational as Kinect. They seem to be third in line in that race. I have expected, every single press conference for the last year, Sony to bring out this magic rabbit out from a huge hat and say, ‘Aha, world. You really don’t realize what’s going on.’

And I do worry about them.”


Written by Raj Mahil

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  • “They had the Move, but it wasn’t as early as the Wii and it wasn’t as innovational as Kinect.” – Well IMHO Move is the best from both worlds. It is far more accurate than the other two and also has almost no delay. While Kinect looks kinda cool, in reality in most of the games having nothing in your hands is actually disadvantage – except maybe few sport titles. This is even more important exactly because “Sony has always had a very strong first person line-up” – you can’t play these games with Kinect.

    •  and Sony beat them to it with the eye toy on the ps2 so actually kinect was less intonational than the move was

      yeah and I see myself using the move which I did until my ps3 broke just haven’t gotten the money to buy a anther one but I don’t see myself using the kinect

  • Funny I was wondering the same thing about Fable.

  • Molyneux only develops games for Sony’s main competitor and yet he finds it in his heart to be “worried about them”? That’s so sweet.

  • Guttenheim

    Says the guy whose Fable games get progressively worse over the years, WITH Kinect in mind.

  • Molyneux i’am more worried about his future then anything else lmao.