Community Spotlight: Zen Pinball Tournament

There is little doubt in my mind that PS Nation has one of the best communities out there. Without you all, we would be nothing. And every once in a while, you guys do something so awesome that we feel it needs some big time recognition.

Some of you may know Yeahbeer, as he is known on PSN. Recently, he has started a Zen Pinball League on the forums and it is great. Not only is this league a great place to make friends but it is also an easy way to compare scores and be a little competitive. I highly suggest that you join if you aren’t a part of it yet. Here are some of the basic rules:

  • Add “Yeahbeer” on PSN first thing. He is the score keeper and if he can’t see your score, it doesn’t count.
  • Each week starts on Wednesday at 5 PM eastern time and runs until Tuesday 5 PM eastern time of the following week. Only highscores from that week will count (no past high scores).
  • Each week will be a random new table, Marvel or Zen. The top 5 highest scores for that table during the week, will receive points.
  • When you get a highscore, write it down, take a picture/screenshot and let Yeahbeer know. There is currently a glitch in the scoreboard functionality that prevents him from seeing all scores. Important! Your score will not count if Yeahbeer cannot see it.
  • This is how the points break down: highest score for the week on the chosen table receives 5 points. Second highest receives 4 points. Third highest receives 3 points. Fourth highest receives 2 points. Fifth highest receives 1 point.
  • The league will run 8 weeks and the person with the most points at the end will be the winner. In the event of a tie, the average of all high scores for each player will decide the winner.
  • Yeahbeer will try his best to update the forums with the current leaders for the week, as well as weekly updates on the point standings.
  • If you have any other questions, check out the complete set of rules in the forums here or message Yeahbeer on PSN or on the forums.

Week 1 just ended and here were the results for the Epic Quest Table:

LARDTEAMAKER: 178,688,681 (5 Points)
THARGOR30: 117,010,613 (4 Points)
MNGAVIS: 116,337,612 (3 Points)
GRS0N1C: 105,319,136 (2 Points)
CHAZZH69: 91,506,715 (1 Point)

Since there has only been one week, those are the standings as well. Week 2 starts tonight at 5 PM eastern time with Ghost Rider. It isn’t too late to join, just let Yeahbeer know on the forums. A couple writers from the staff will also be participating. Even if you aren’t competitive, this tournament is a great way to expand your friends list, score chase, and have a lot of fun. Thanks to Yeahbeer for putting it together and good luck to everyone participating.

For more information on the tournament, including standings, upcoming tables, and more, check out the Zen Pinball Tournament thread in the “Gaming Night” section of the forums.

And of course, for all the latest and greatest from PlayStation, check back here at PS Nation.

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