‘Journey: Collector’s Edition’ will be North American exclusive

Journey: Collector’s Edition, which was officially announced for the US yesterday, has been denied a worldwide release.

Thatgamecompany said the decision was out of their hands, but also that the extra content may see a release on the PSN. Of course Flow, Flower and Journey are all downloadable in all regions – so the new bonuses such as the commentaries are the only parts of the package that are completely unavailable in Europe.

Here’s what the now acclaimed PSN developer had to say to its fans on twitter:

“We wish Europeans could get it, but there’s nothing we can do. The best thing for you to do is bug @PlayStationEU.

If we could release it in Europe, we would, but it’s not up to us where it gets released.

There’s also manufacturing, advertising, translating (documentary and dev commentaries), shipping, dealing with retailers, etc.

We’re not in charge of which regions get the #JourneyPS3 CE, but I’ll see if the excluded regions can get the extra content on PSN.”

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  • Man these SCEE distribution restrictions are frustrating, this might sound arrogant coming from an Englishman, but do Sony not realise that most of Europe, from the “MTV generation” onwards, speak English and probably would not mind if PSN content wasn’t entirely optimised for every European region.