‘Rainbow Moon’ Coming to Vita?

A week or so ago, we wrote about the upcoming game, Rainbow Moon. Lately, there has been some talk about a potential Vita version.

On the PlayStation Blog Markus Pukropski, CEO of SideQuest Studios, the people behind Rainbow Moon, wrote an interesting comment when Dragonmagician asked about a Vita version:

“A Vita version is currently under evaluation, so there’s definitely a chance. However, even if we decide to make a port, this will probably take some time. So, if you’re really crazy on Rainbow Moon, there’s unfortunately no alternative during the next couple of months.”

And on Twitter, when @GarySteinman asked about a Vita version, @eastasiasoft responded by saying: “There’s a good chance for Rainbow Moon on Vita if the PS3 version does well.”

Some of you called for a Vita version and it seems like there is some potential there.

In other news, eastasiasoft has released a few dev diaries and details about Rainbow Moon:



The release date and pricing has also been confirmed:

Europe (SCEE): July 4th (€12.99/£9.99)
North America (SCEA): July 10th (US$ 14.99)
Southeast Asia (SCE Asia): July 10th (US$ 14.99)

Rainbow Moon is also going to be a part of the PlayStation Plus program for the first two weeks of release, meaning there will be a 20% discount on the game for Plus members.

What do you all think about the news? PS Nation will be reviewing Rainbow Moon as soon as it’s released.

For all the latest on Rainbow Moon and everything PlayStation, check back here at PS Nation.


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