‘Monster Hunter 4’ Not Coming to Vita

According to Famitsu, Monster Hunter 4 is on its way. Unfortunately for us PlayStation fans, it looks to be only for Nintendo.

Announced at a Capcom Event, Monster Hunter 4 is set to release in Japan in 2013 for the 3Ds. This is a huge blow to the Vita, as a Monster Hunter game can sell a system.

There is reason to believe the Vita could still receive a version of Monster Hunter from the portable Freedom series, but there are still no concrete details. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, the latest, sold almost 8 million copies worldwide for the PSP.

What do you all think? Would you be excited to see a Monster Hunter on the Vita? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  • This is going to be a big hurt on Vita in Japan. This is where Sony needs to step up and pay to get it on that system.

  • that is so stupid it should be released on a ps system because that is where it belongs just like the mgs series  

    and it would look way better on the vita hell the psp versions look way better

    • I know right? I thought the trailer looked awful. When a Monster Hunter game eventually comes to Vita, it will look so much better.

      • Michelle Langria

        Agreed. It looks absolutely awful on the 3DS. 3D or not It is not going to make me want to play that version.

        Please Vita gods bestow us with news of MH4 to comith.

        • dadadada

          JUST TRY 3ds and play some game with 3D.
          it so freakin beautiful..just not amoled hd ( its look like my iphone) LOL!

          sorry for my english

  • That could be a killer blow for the Vita in the land of the rising sun. They need that franchise badly over there.

  • ps vita must have this game!

  • wv06

    Sony needs a system seller in a bad way for Vita, especially in Japan 

    • I’m with you on that one. I love my Vita but in Japan… damn! The 3DS is getting pretty damn good exclusives: Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter… Sony better start paying third parties.

  • fireponrome

    This was never expected to come to the Vita(yet, anyway) and Sony was aware of it..  We shall see what the future holds.

    • That’s been my point for the last months. In any post out there you could read “Vita is going to do great on Japan as soon as Monster Hunter comes out”. Just after the previous Monster Hunter came for the 3DS in Japan Capcom confirmed with a teaser trailer that they were working on a MH4 for the 3DS. It was kind of obvious that they were not going to release MH for another platform that is selling way less in Japan.

      • Michelle Langria

        If you ask me they are just being greedy and cheap. They know they will have to pay more to have it on other consoles. They know it will sell just fine but they aren’t willing to take the chance.

        They know they can just pay for the cheaper rights to Nintendo and still make money off it that way. There really should be no other reason for this, I mean it’s not surprising to me working in the industry.

        It just sucks to see them take the cheaper route with this Title, Id rather the 3DS keep Street Fighter and the Vita take Monster Hunter back to it’s rightful place. For me it just seems all so wrong coming from the original MH on Playstation 2.

        As you said though time will tell possibly not all hope is lost if there is such a high demand for it on the VIta, maybe it will be offered.

  • Michelle Langria

    This is stupid already. I am sick and tired of Nintendo getting all the good games, Why??? It is by far the crappiest console and always has been.

    Monster Hunter originated on the Playstation 2 why in the hell has it migrated to Nintendo? I freaking hate Nintendo and have past the N64..

    The Vita better get this god damn game I swear. Plus is Capcom just retarded now or what? They will make much more money releasing it on both systems.. then again I bet no one would want to play the 3DS version if there was a Vita one..

    Either way it is completely retarded what Capcom is doing right now. Capcom needs to stop being cheap and pay for the rights on Playstation already.

    I know how game development works and in order for them to be on Playstation consoles they need to purchase the rights to do so, obviously they are being cheap because it’s obvious Nintendo has the cheaper rights to pay for.. Would explain why developers just throw their games there because they cannot afford any other consoles rights at the time.

    Sad situation.

    • Er…. 2.2 million sold (Vita) worldwide vs 19 million (3DS)… so yeah… bad luck

  • stevietan

    I bought the Vita solely for the Monster Hunter game, and now, what a disappointment to learn that they won’t release the latest Monster Hunter game for Vita. If they are not going to build the Monster Hunter in Vita, why must Sony create another console to replace the PSP? I demand that Sony answer to those of us having a Vita set , why won’t they create the new Monster Hunter game on Vita? Please give us a solid reason Sony….

    • It’s Capcom’s game so it’s entirely up to them. Sony can’t force them to make the game for the Vita.

  • AnAngryMan

    But it is so difficult to understand that if they did a title Monster Hunter for PlayStation Vita they would happily millions and millions of fans of the game and they would make a lot of money?

  • AnAngryMan

    Is more than a year they take us for the ass by promising us that will come out this and that for ps3 and Vita.

  • Jordan

    well that is why I hated capcom these days. they can keep their resident evil 6, upcoming DMC or whatever. i aint buying it for any platform despite I have all that can support the game. dropping a ball on platform that actually make the franchise popular. imagine how many established fans out there already own a playstation device due to MH. and these days even with Disc Loaded Contents (DLCs). Locking out content that are already done on gold production then squeeze more juice out from their fans by releasing them as DLC. Paying for something that one has already paid for is a sin. This is how capcom treat their fans these days. So much for loyalty.

  • poppincherry

    there is no reason to buy the vita if it aint got monster hunters. I’m still playing MH Freedom solo here in Florida for the past 4 and a half years. And I’m on MHR 2. No one to play with and the game gets harder but that’s why it is so damn fun about it.
    It took me damn near a year to finally understand how resources and armor work together. Then you have to be smart and know what to take on a quest and what not to take. That is the learning curve a monster hunter player needs to know.
    Sony is pathetic for not getting in on this. What a joke they have become.

  • dexicrus

    I think vita needs a new souls game (demon souls/ dark souls)

  • kram

    MH is greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat!<3 i wanna a new monster hunter on my Vita

  • Madhav

    It must be on PS vita. It will be sold like hot cakes

  • bob

    i hate exclusives not just for this but in like every way

  • i brought the ps3 because monster hunter was coming out on it and they lost hte game to the wii and i was going to but a psp vita but they have lose the game again.
    we need more exclusives or the company is going to lose a lot of customers

  • disqus_CU7cbquuAt

    I ain’t gonna lie monster hunter for the vita is good because I played it for the PSP with my friends and we think its the best game ever made and still do but I think it’ll be better if they made it for PS3. It’ll be more exciting and it’ll be sold more for the PS3 than the vita.

  • i hope this MH4 has in PSP and Vita

  • alroy
    • alroy

      this is a petition page please help

  • Suikai

    I played Monsterhunter freedom on the PSP first. I cried after I found out there won t release a english version for Monster hunter 3 on the PSP. Well i still bought the japan version anyway. Then the 3ds version came…. I gave it a try played it. However i hate it. The grafic was worse than how it was on the PSP and you can`t play the same style. Then this. There are focusing so much on the 3DS just why. No one will ever buy the PS Vita if the good games the old PSP user know wont be released on it. I am so sad there never tried it. Just a simple no.

    “There’s a limit to how long something can be continuously developed on the same hardware,” Capcom COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto said in an interview. “The Monster Hunter series started out on the PlayStation 2, then on the PlayStation Portable. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd [which was a huge hit] had reached the end of the line, and in order to meet new expectations, it was required for us to switch platforms.

    o.o I don’ t get that why. Pokemon stayed on Nintendo since it was released. Never changed platforms at all and they are still succesful. So why did they do that to Monsterhunter. I hate playing it on the 3DS. I know a lot of other people who played Monsterhunter on the PSP and they were looking forword to keep playing it on the PSP or the PSVita. Well this people stoped playing it completly after they found out it will never come out again on the old consol. I am pretty sure there are a lot of others players out which stoped playing Monsterhunter because of this not just me and my friends.

    lg Suikai and old fan of Monsterhunter

    • Jade De Leon

      Pokemon is 1st party Monster Hunter is 3rd party . Not really hard to understand

      And if you guys are really fans of the game wouldn’t you just go where it is ?