Current consoles life-cycle is “biggest mistake ever” – Square Enix

The absence of any new console announcements at this year’s E3 was met with a mixed reception by gamers. Some are still more than satisfied with the current generation of systems and want to hold off on updated hardware as long as possible; while others are clamouring for more powerful and innovate technology all the time.

But how do developers and publishers feel? Well in an interview with GamesIndustry, Julien Merceron of Square Enix has given his controversial viewpoint on the matter – saying both Sony and Microsoft have made their “biggest mistake ever”.

Here’s his reasoning behind the statement:

“We have Sony and Microsoft talking about this generation lasting 7,8,9 or even 10 years and it’s the biggest mistake they’ve ever made.

This generation has been way too long, and I say this because you have a lot of developers that work on a new platform, and perhaps will not succeed, so they will wait for the next generation, and will jump on that platform. You could not do that with this generation though. So these developers went elsewhere to see if the grass was greener.

They found web browsers, they found iOS, they found other things and a lot of them won’t come back to the hardware platforms. So you could look at it that thanks to Microsoft and Sony and the length of this generation, it helped the emergence of other platforms and helped them get strong before the next hardware comes out.”

It’s certainly a topic that polarises opinion, so be sure to leave your thoughts on it in the comments below.

Written by Raj Mahil

Game collector. Journalism graduate. Batman addict. Movie goer. WWE nut. Sports obsessive. Arsenal fan. Sub-Editor.

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  • Wow I strongly disagree. There may be people frustrated with
    the rate of speed of development in new platforms, but to put platform games in
    the same league as sucky phone and browser games is absurd. Yes they make money
    but I hardly think they are making any ground breaking technological breakthroughs
    . I am astounded by this comment as a consumer. I appreciate the fact that Sony
    is going to give me a nice long lifespan on my console. Consoles are not cheap,
    and if I had to buy a new console every 2 years to get new games I would tell
    them to stick it. It’s just asking too much. I believe that a good team of
    developers can do amazing things with the current console, E3 proved that. It
    takes years of development and a shit load of money and time to learn new
    consoles as well as to develop them. I would think that not only would gamers
    be out of money and patience but the software devs as well. As far as the pc
    being a threat, I personally don’t think it is, to me I would rather buy a
    console then to worry about upgrading my PC every year or so. On top of all of
    this did Julian and others consider how hard it would be to sell new consoles
    in this current economy? Not to mention
    how many companies are struggling themselves. Something more to ponder.

  • I agree and disagree at the same time. If developers do find a better platform, then they don’t want to come back to dated platforms.

    But I agree with Sony, because the PS3 does have some capability though. I did wish they would release a model with more RAM, because newer games have to use hard drive space as virtual ram. This is not good on user’s hard drives, and now we could have more failures of HDD’s in PS3s.

  • George Vasquez

    I’m sorry but has Square Enix made a good game this gen thats worth buying, they need to worry about the games they make. As for Sony their hardware has proven the test time just look at The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, and God of War:A

  • I do think this gen has been too long; I’m ready for the next hardware. Hoping the next hardware can get native 1080p resolutions and more stable, faster frame rates. However, if the competing platforms are just web browsers and mobile devices, I don’t think we’re missing out on much. I do think though it has hurt Microsoft more because they’re relying much heavier on 3rd parties, so I could agree with him there. Perhaps that’s why you don’t see a lot of innovative stuff coming to the 360 lately.

  • macho555

    I’m not really sure what his point his…if they can’t succeed with THIS platform, and then immediately jump to working on iOS and web browser type games, then what exactly were they trying to do on the current platforms that they failed with?

    All I can gather is that his opinion is that the current platforms don’t have the power that developers want, so they give up, and move on to…iPhone games? And web browser games? And then they make money so they don’t go back to consoles?

    Isn’t that more indicative that some current developers are just lazy and looking for quick money for less work, as opposed to “OMG Sony, what are you doing, why aren’t you making things easier for them?”

    I mean look at the new things we are seeing, with The Last Of Us and Beyond: Two Souls, or hell, even look back at L.A. Noire, Heavy Rain, GOW 3, etc, etc. If this man is honestly telling me that people are looking at things like this, honestly attempting to make games like that themselves, then going “WE CAN’T WORK WITH THIS, I’M GOING TO MAKE ANOTHER ANGRY BIRDS INSTEAD” then…I’m not sure what the hell you are doing at your company. Actually, yes I do, because…well come on Square Enix, what have YOU done lately?

    Seriously, am I misunderstanding something here? I don’t think I’m stupid, but I really have no clue what the hell he is talking about. Innovation in games doesn’t just magically come with a new console. You have to
    work at it, and you know…innovate. Make established things better. Not just wait for the shiny new gamebox and think THAT is the answer.

  • Dave Brown

    I bet Square is just pissy that they are failing with there Final Fantasy series. Gamers want a FF7 remake, ever since it was teased, but Square just wants to “keep moving forward”. They should just swallow their pride and admit that THEY are the ones failing this generation, remake FF7 and make an ass load of money of it, then try again with a new Final Fantasy.

  • The biggest mistake ever is Final Fantasy XIII-2