Japanese Vita sales are “according to expectation”

Japanese publication Famitsu has revealed the PlayStation Vita‘s sales figures for the period of January to June.

The console sold a slightly underwhelming 790,633 units in Japan, though Sony have reacted by saying those numbers are “according to expectation”. As a recent comparison, the Nintendo 3DS had shifted around 2.5million consoles at the same point in its life-cycle.

Other than the obvious sales-booster of a price cut, it is thought the most likely methods of enticing potential new purchasers are new colors, bundles, and a true Eastern ‘system seller’ – namely Monster Hunter.

The software sales for Sony’s new handheld were also given:

1. Persona 4 The Golden (188,782)
2. Hot Shots Golf 6 (118,985)
3. Uncharted Golden Abyss (89,390)
4. Gravity Daze (74,785)
5. Dynasty Warriors Next (74,718)
6. Tales of Innocence R (71,463)
7. Lord of Apocalypse (69,162)
8. Ragnarok Odyssey (65,318)
9. Gundam Seed Battle Destiny (55,527)
10. Disgaea 3 Return (54,902)


Written by Raj Mahil

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