What I Want in the Next Batman Game

I am Batman! Ok maybe I am not, but as you might already tell from the first sentence, I am a Batman fan. When I was young, I was a comic book collector and an avid Batman: The Animated series nut. I remember coming home from school and turning on the TV at 5 pm during dinner to watch the show. Yeah, I know, I remember even the time I would turn it on. Call me a nerd! I embrace it. What I am getting at is the rumors that Rocksteady is developing a new Batman game. It is set as a prequel to the Arkham games just as Batman meets the Joker for the first time.

All of the rumors and speculation got me extremely excited. I am a diehard fan of the Arkham games; I even bought my best friend a copy because I knew he would like it. These games are so well crafted and fit the universe so well that I can’t say it enough.

Anyway, this got me thinking about the game. What would I enjoy in the game that Rocksteady hasn’t already done.

Here is my list of stuff that I would have in the game!

• So as this is a prequel, I would really like to flesh out Joker’s story, maybe even seeing how he became the Joker. It would be great if during the course of the game, there were flashbacks to the night where Batman saw the Joker become the Joker!
• Arkham City had a great story, but it sometimes felt really cluttered. There were a lot of characters, and they were juggled well. I would like to have a similar story but maybe one or two fewer characters involved.

Batman: Arkham City was a fantastic game, but the amount of characters cluttered the story a bit!

• Now we are onto the fun part, the characters. I would really like to see Two-face in the game more than Arkham City; of course the Joker (Mark Hamill please continue with the voice, I beg you!); how about Bane actually being fleshed out as a character and not just a big oaf. The best part of Bane is he is physically imposing and is incredibly intelligent; and last but not least Hush! Hush is extremely complex as a character, and I am still waiting for his DLC to be released for Arkham City (biggest cliffhanger in the game still not answered)! I would love to have some extra characters that show up here and there, but if I could have these 4 in a main role, it would be great!
• This is the most important request I have, I want to explore Gotham City! I have envisioned what the city would look like and ready to see what Rocksteady would come up with. How awesome would it be to grapple across the city and be Batman. You can appear anywhere there is danger and save citizens, beat up thugs in a back alley, and all while being Batman!
• The final bit is about the setting. Looking at any of the games, you see a Gotham that is reminiscent of the Animated Series. It looks like a 40s-50s take on a big city. That is what I would really like Gotham to look like. It would be amazing to stand on top of the Wayne building looking down at everything. It just gives me goose-bumps thinking about it.

What does Rocksteady have up their sleeves if they are creating a 3rd Batman game?

These are just a small number of things I would really like if Rocksteady is developing a new Batman game. Leave some comments on some ideas you have for the next game. Who knows, maybe they will be included in the game! Also, with the release of The Dark Knight Rises, what did everyone think of the movie? One word, EPIC!

Written by Nathan Hensler

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