The Vita Question: Get it or Don’t

My daily routine is cut and dry. I wake up at 6 AM, get on Pittsburgh’s trolley system for an hour, go to work in the city, then take the trolley back home around 5:30 pm. During the course of a normal day, I have 2 hours that I do nothing with. I sit on the trolley listening to music or reading the news on my phone. It can get really boring and sometimes makes me fall asleep. Then an idea hit me! Why not buy a Vita and take my gaming habits with me as I got to work! Its a brilliant idea. I have the money to buy it, and also get some games. It sounded perfect!

Then, I did some research. I looked at the games it had and many of the features. I was ready to pull the trigger, I was ready for the PlayStation Vita! The weekend came and I drove to my neighborhood GameStop. I picked up all the games I wanted and was walking to the checkout when something just clicked in my head. Was I really paying all this money to play Super Stardust and an Uncharted game that had no multiplayer? What if Resistance is as mundane a game as people made it out to be? Escape Plan looks cool but it can’t be a system seller, right? All of these questions popped into my head, and I just had to stop and put away these games. I walked outside, got into my car, and looked my dog who was sitting in the back. I feel like she was thinking “Hey, why are you walking out empty handed?”

Resistance: Burning Skies had so much promise, yet it was underwhelming when you played it. Not a system seller by any means.

It is just a phobia I have when buying a new console! There has to be some reason why I am spending the money. The XBOX 360: I bought it on launch because of Call of Duty 2 and the fact I could play Halo 2 with all my friends even though it was an XBOX game. PlayStation 2: My dad bought it for me because it was a DVD player and also had games too! The Nintendo 64: Come on now, it had one of the greatest games of all time at launch, MARIO 64! Every console had something different about it, and I am not seeing that now with the PlayStation Vita. My question is what will Sony announce that will make me buy a Vita? Here are some ideas I have that will make me go buy a Vita!

• Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified needs to come out by the end of the year. When Call of Duty was announced last year, I was so excited by the thought of playing its multiplayer over 3G! So that leads me to the next part, you have to be able to play its multiplayer not over just Wi-Fi, but 3G! It will make it worth owning a 3G system.

Call of Duty multiplayer on the go? With 3G support, YES PLEASE!

• One of my absolute favorite games right now is Journey. It got me thinking about the PSN. There have been no downloadable games on the PSN for the Vita that has wowed me. If Sony was able to capitalize on something, it would be getting small, great games on the PSN for the Vita. I would love it if I had small, bite-sized games like the App Store has for iOS. The PSN should be a great platform to propel the Vita into gaming households!
• I know many people have said it before, but the Vita really would benefit with a price cut to $199.99. It really has held me back, and I’m sure many gamers, too. The way the mobile scene has been going between Apple, Microsoft, and Google, $199.99 has been the sweet spot for mobile products. Granted, they can do that because of the contracts, but it has put that idea into society’s head that $200 is the perfect price point for portables. Look at the 3DS. It had issues coming out of the gate at $249.99. It dropped its price, got some good games and now is selling like hot cakes. If the PlayStation Vita can drop to that point, I will be running out to grab my own personal Vita.
• The Vita has a ton of features from the back/front touch pads, the 3G connectivity, the GPS functionality, and the cross-platform play. There are many more features, but I really want a game that wows the player because of the utilization of the features. This leads me to my final point point!
• PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale could be my most highly anticipated game of the year. If they can make it on par with Super Smash Brothers, it could be amazing! Since, it was announced to be coming to the Vita, it has been on my radar. What would push me over the edge to buy it on the Vita is if they have some type of cross media play between both games. How awesome would it be to play against a player on PS3? This game could be that killer app that pushes any gamer, not just myself, over the edge!

If PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale can pull it off, this could be the killer game that sells Vitas!

These are just some ideas I have about what it would take for me to go out to buy my Vita. I see the potential every time I get hands on time with the system, and I will eventually get the system. The facts are that right now, it doesn’t have the games or the killer applications that warrant a mass market buy. Sony has a track record of great systems with the PlayStation 1 all the way to the PSP. So Sony, hurry it up! I am ready to give you my money, just give me a strong lineup of games and some killer applications! Sound off below and give some feedback. Make my decision easier, please!

Written by Nathan Hensler

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